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Specialized in Public Address for 50 years, our team invites you to discover all its solutions in Public Address System and EN 54 Voice Alarm System. Our security range is now extended to CCTV under the Neoview brand.


The full electroacoustic chain is represented in our 100V product range, with all the necessary equipment for the various sound installations in establishments open to the public.

picto rouge rondsonSpeakers
picto rouge rondson Preamplifiers, Digital Matrix, Mixing consoles
picto rouge rondson Amplifiers - Preamplifiers
picto rouge rondsonPowers Amplifiers
picto rouge rondsonAudio sources
picto rouge rondsonIp Network P.A System/ POE DANTE
picto rouge rondsonMicrophones and Conferences
picto rouge rondsonInduction Loop
picto rouge rondsonGuided Tour System
picto rouge rondsonActive portable speakers and megaphones
picto rouge rondsonRacks and accessories

EN 54 VOICE ALARM SYSTEM           en 54 16en 54 24EN 54 4

Our various complete alarm and evacuation systems can be adapted according to the installations to be equipped, always with the aim of ensuring the diffusion of clearly audible messages or alarms (relating to emergency measures to ensure public safety).

TYPES OF APPLICATIONS FOR EN 54 VOICE ALARM SYSTEM Shopping Centers, Malls, Schools, Hospitals centers...

picto rouge rondson VAS EN 54-16
picto rouge rondson VAS EN 54-24
picto rouge rondson VAS EN 54-4
picto rouge rondson PPMS-POMSE SOLUTIONS

CCTV                  LOGO NEOVIEW

Neoview is a CCTV brand of equipment and solutions distributed by Rondson. This wide range of quality products, IP, Analog, Hybrid solutions (cameras / storage / switch / hard disks...) is offered at competitive prices. Neoview adapts and follows the latest technological innovations in a constantly evolving market. Thanks to a team of skilled engineers and sales representatives, we devote personalized attention to meeting your needs in a consistent way on your different installations.

picto rouge rondsonANALOG SOLUTIONS
picto rouge rondsonSOLUTIONS ON IP NETWORK
picto rouge rondsonACCESSORIES, CCTV SUPPORT

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