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How to install a sound system in a mall?

Our EN 54-16 certified EVA-2000 public address system is recommended for use in shopping malls to provide audio and emergency evacuation messages to evacuate all people in the event of an incident.

Schematic diagram of a sound system in a shopping center:

audio solution shopping center

Layout of the different loudspeakers in a shopping center:

Synoptic audio mall


Coverage area up to 4,000 m2

Individually adjustable zones with remote control

EN54-16 certified amplification system and EN54-24 certified speakers

Compatible call station

Our references present in this installation:

Voice alarm and evacuation system: EVA-2000

Wireless microphone: BE-5018/H-83

Microphone desk : PA-IP/EN

Spherical speaker: KM-220-II-30W

Ceiling speakers: EN-180FT/EN5424

30W in-wall speaker: ML-260/EN5424

20W sound projector: SPOT-2010T/EN5424

Mounted sound cabinet, wired: P37U/EN54

In order to carry out your own installation, do not hesitate to consult our own Commercial Study Office on

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