Plexiglass acoustic and induction protection kit

Plexiglass acoustic and induction protection kit

Sound kit and protection for various businesses!
In order to protect against contamination risks, Rondson offers an audio solution for all types of counters to protect staff in constant contact with the public.

This kit consists of a counter intercom that offers clear communication between two people through a plexiglass protective glass with an integrated magnetic induction loop that provides assistance to hearing impaired people by avoiding direct contact.

This system, designed and assembled in France, is easy and quick to install in all public places such as pharmacies, doctors' surgeries, clinics, hospitals, communities...

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This system consists of the following elements:

On the reception side: a gooseneck counter intercom with loudspeaker, volume control and TALK button GM 20 P.

On the patient's side: a microphone and loudspeaker module to hear the person speaking.

A plexiglass protective glass (1 cm thick) which is placed between the two individuals to avoid any direct contact (glass guaranteed for 10 years) with an integrated magnetic induction loop offering the necessary assistance for the hearing impaired.

The plexiglass window can be made in several sizes on request, with the possibility of adding a document holder.

If you are already equipped with a glass or plexiglass, you should know that there is also a variant with a portable system equipped with a magnetic loop (PL1).

Context: In the workplace, some employees are more exposed than others to the risks of contamination. This is particularly true of staff in establishments open to the public. They may be required to receive users face-to-face throughout the day.

In times of epidemics such as those caused by influenza or the COVID-19 coronavirus, a protective plexiglass countertop display case is essential! This mobile kit forms a real barrier against viruses and bacteria, and thus prevents the risks of transmission and contamination.

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