WDM69-2 Wireless Conference System

WDM69-2 Wireless Conference System
Professional sound for your conference rooms !

The WDM69-2 is a wireless conferencing system allowing a quick, simple and mobile configuration.

It also offers professional quality sound for clearly audible group communications and discussions. The wireless system gives the possibility to adapt the installations according to the rooms and the number of people present.
This system is mainly designed for small and medium sized projects such as professional meetings, municipal councils, boards of directors, general assemblies.

Operation up to 12 hours continuously and one week in standby mode. When the system is in conference mode, all you have to do is ask to speak. When the Chairman's Desk is off, the delegate desks also turn off.

For more information, please refer to the data sheet by clicking on the button below.

An expandable system!
This pack can be extended with additional delegate microphone desks to accommodate larger discussions. This offers the flexibility to adapt the system to different sized groups.

The sound quality of this model is flawless to ensure speech intelligibility.

Selectable AUTO/FIFO mode.

système de conférence sans filpack complet de conférence

A complete conference system !

1 receiver station WDM69M-2
1 Chairman Desk WDM69C-2
9 Delegate desks WDM69D-2
1 aluminium transport case WDM69 CASE
1 charger for 12 WDM69 CHARGER Conference Microphone Lecterns 

Anti-interference system

12 hours of continuous operation

Transmission range up to more than 25 m

For more information, please refer directly to the WDM69-2 product sheet.

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