For 50 years, Rondson has been offering a wide range of EN 54 certified Public Address products to equip all types of public places. Our Public Address products include 100V Loudspeakers, Amplifiers, Microphones and Conference Systems, Magnetic Induction Loop, Portable PA, etc.


    rondson comfort sound system

    The Public Address sound system, also known as the 100 volt line, allows the diffusion of sound in a large public space using electroacoustic products.

    Loudspeakers, amplifiers, preamplifiers, microphones, etc. The whole electroacoustic chain is represented in our 100V product line, all the necessary equipment for the different sound installations in public places.

    It transmits background music, advertising or a microphone call in various public places such as shopping centres, supermarkets, restaurantsplaces of worship and many others. The public address system can be installed both indoors and outdoors depending on the specificities of the place to be equipped.


    rondson security sound system

    Specialist in Public Address, Rondson also offers solutions in EN54 voice alarm systems.

    Our range complies with the EN54 European safety standards for fire alarm and evacuation systems to equip all buildings receiving the public.


    Following the latest events of 2015, the government amended a circular (No. 2002-119 of May 22, 2015) concerning the PPMS (Plan Particulier de Mise en Securité) for schools.

    The objective of the PPMS is to set up an internal procedure in each school to ensure the safety of students and staff until the arrival of emergency services in case of major risk.
    This is why Rondson now offers different sound solutions that can be adapted to the specific needs of each school.


    Rondson continues to evolve by relying on its experience and know-how in the selection of quality products. The company has even reinforced its will to innovate by distributing several brands specialized in comfort sound systems such as SEGON PROFESSIONAL AUDIO and JD-MEDIA, security systems EN 54 with the Italian brand PASO but also in video surveillance with NEOVIEW.


    Rondson continues to evolve by relying on its experience and know-how in selecting quality products. The company has even strengthened its will to innovate with sound equipment that we advise you to discover: 100V amplifiers, POE RJ45 loudspeakers, IP46 and IP56 outdoor wall-mounted speakers, HF microphones, wireless conference systems, tour guide system...


    This operation is extended until 31 May 2021 on the list of products presented below.
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    Rondson offers you a selection of sound products that allow you to realize a Public Address installation for places receiving the public while respecting all anti-covid measures. 

    Our equipment and protection for all types of counters, reception counters such as pharmacies, doctors' surgeries or retirement homes.

    Our solutions for your face-to-face meetings with microphones to sound your conferences while keeping the safety distances.

    Or our installations allowing you to broadcast information and/or alert messages for the reminder of barrier gestures and sanitary rules in shopping malls, stores and others.

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