Tour guide systems

Tour guide systems

rondson tour system

We provide guided tour systems allowing guides to offer clear and audible communication to their groups by overcoming distance and background noise problems when visiting museums, factories... even in the noisiest places.

Each of our systems is equipped with a transmitter box (equipped with a necktie microphone, microphone) allowing the guide to give clear explanations and descriptions to his visitors (equipped with a receiver box with earphones, helmets) for all types of visits in companies, communities....

  • WT-300E Tour guide system

    The complete guided tour system WT-300E is the ideal solution for equipping guides with their groups on visits to museums, company factories, tourist sites, wineries.

  • WT-808 Tour guide system

    Guided tour system WT-808 with transmitter and receiver box equipped with micro ties and earphones plus loading cases and other accessories for optimal use.

  • EJ-5 Tour guide system

    EJ-5 Guided Tour System is a complete solution to be composed of a tie microphone transmitter and receiver with headset with all the necessary accessories for optimal use, loading case, magnetic induction loop ... this versatile system uses UHF technology to transmit information to several audiences: visitors to tourist or industrial sites, hearing-impaired spectators equipped or not with a hearing aid, speakers ...

  • EJ-7 Tour guide system

    EJ-7 guided tour system with transmitter unit equipped with a necktie microphone and receiver units equipped with an earpiece or headset to optimize communication between a guide and his group of visitors in places such as museums, factories, companies, etc.

    This system can be completed with additional options such as chargers, storage cases, helmets or induction loop cords.

  • WT-100 Tour guide system

    The WT-100 Guided Tour System offers reliable and durable performance with a wireless range of over 100 meters, a large LCD display, AA batteries and optional USB charging, easy to use.

    Usage: tour groups in museums, tourist sites, industrial sites or lecturers.

  • WT-200 Tour guide system

    The WT-200 Visiting System opts for an elegant look with its grey and white finish. The system features an LCD screen and intelligent three-button operation. The integrated 1300 mAh lithium-polymer battery provides more than 17 hours of continuous use per charge. Thanks to the micro-USB connector, the charging method is simple and similar to that of your smartphone. Charging boxes and a charging station with 2/12/35/60 and 70 compartments are available as options.

    Usage: Guided group tours in museums, tourist sites but also on factory and company tours.

  • ST-200T Simultaneous Translation System

    The ST-200T single-channel fixed transmitter is used for simultaneous translation between several people speaking different languages and for guided tours in order to transmit reliable and optimal audio restitution to different portable receiver boxes. The system offers superior transmission coverage and a complete solution for translation of multiple languages.

  • Audio Guide system

    Our Audio Guide system offers a complete solution for the public when visiting groups or museums. It's multi-language interface facilitates communication between guides and foreign tourists.

  • Accessories for guided tours

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