rondson security sound system

Specialist in Public Address, Rondson also offers solutions in EN54 voice alarm systems.

Our range complies with the EN54 European safety standards for fire alarm and evacuation systems to equip all buildings receiving the public.

  • EN 54-16 certification

    headband EN 54 16 Rondson

    Our Security Public Address Systems comply with the EN 54-16 regulation, a European standard concerning the central equipment of the Fire Alarm System. In order to best adapt to the establishment to be sounded, Rondson offers several systems depending on the surface area, the different zones and the complexity of the building to be equipped.

  • EN 54-24 Certification

    All our loudspeakers EN 54-24 comply with the European standard for evacuation systems in public buildings. In particular, they broadcast evacuation messages in order to ensure the safety of people in each establishment receiving the public.

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