Portable sound systems and megaphone

Portable sound systems and megaphone

Portable sound systems, megaphones and megaphones for multiple sound broadcasting uses such as commercial events, ceremonies, speeches, events ... adapted to address a large number of people.

  • Wireless portable sound systems
  • Voice amplifier - Mégaphones

    Our professional Megaphones are generally used for all types of events, sports events but also security services, police or trade unions. Usually equipped with a remote microphone, these megaphones allow you to keep your distance while directing the range of your voice to the target audience.

  • Active column desk with MP3...

    Our amplified desk columns are ideal for speeches, interventions or public lectures.

    Thanks to its adapted size, the active desk is equipped with a microphone allows you to address your audience while standing.

    With a power of 40 W RMS integrated, the amplified desk column offers you a sound quality with a clear tone so that your audience is attentive and can listen to you in the best conditions.
    For your speech, you can alternate between a VHF hand microphone and a gooseneck microphone.

    Designed for a range of 25 meters, the amplified lectern columns allow you to express yourself in front of a large audience in a fairly large room.

  • Vehicle sound system

    mixing Amplifier, loudspeakers and hand microphones to sound professional vehicles in order to broadcast messages or music during events (bicycle races, police escorts, framing events...).

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