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Speakers 100V

Speakers 100V

rondson speakers

Ceiling speakers, Compact, wall-mounted or amplified speakers, Spherical, suspended speakers, Acoustic columns, horn speakers, Accessories, Mounting brackets... Each of our loudspeakers are equipped with a 100 Volt audio transformer allowing you to realize an installation in Public Address for public receiving establishments.

  • Ceiling speakers

    Our ceiling, in-wall and marine speakers in-line 100V allow you to discreetly broadcast your advertisements, microphone announcements or background music to your staff or customers.

    Positioned on the ceiling, these loudspeakers are differentiated by their shape, generally round or rectangular, but also by their power which can go from 3 to 30W.

    All these speakers are equipped with 100V transformers which allow public address installations to maintain a similar sound quality anywhere in the building.

  • Wall-mounted and amplified speakers

    We offer a wide range of 100V in-line loudspeakers (wall-mounted, compact, amplified with different powers) allowing you to realize the sound system of your establishment by taking into account the constraints of the installation.

    These loudspeakers are generally used in establishments receiving the public such as restaurants, stores, boutiques, shopping malls, hospital.

  • Omnidirectional speakers

    Our Rondson spherical or omnidirectional loudspeakers are recommended for large commercial areas with high ceiling heights. This type of 100V loudspeakers allows to cover a very large audience area with an excellent sound diffusion.

  • Column speakers

    Our 100V acoustic columns are specially designed to meet the needs of installations such as churches, places of worship, halls where reverberation makes acoustics difficult. These sound columns can be oriented by a fixing bracket offering a quality sound and perfectly intelligible speech.

  • Horn speakers

    Our bi-directional or 100V horn speakers are most often used to broadcast news messages or background music in large spaces. Their protection rating allows them to withstand the elements and can therefore be installed in all types of indoor or outdoor public places.

  • Compression chamber loudspeakers -...

    Compression chamber loudspeakers allow high level sound diffusion to make microphone calls sufficiently audible and understandable in noisy environments (industrial...).

    Compression chambers are designed to sound both indoor and outdoor spaces with a protection rating to withstand the elements.

  • Loudspeaker accessories

    Our loudspeaker accessories offer you a complete solution for your Public Address sound system. Find all our attenuators, transformers and brackets to equip and adapt your speakers to your installation.

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