Our Public Address Solutions for Public Places

These solutions present you with various applications in professional public address systems for different public places receiving the public and provide you with information and advice to facilitate your product selection. All these illustrations are based on the principle of 100V technology in order to obtain a coherent and continuous sound diffusion without loss of performance.

They are generally background music, commercials, voice calls or evacuation messages, all intended for an audience so that they can hear the complete information wherever they are.

All the Rondson "Public Address" material is represented on all the synoptics presented while adapting to the specificities of the Public place to be sounded, whether it is for a Professional Sound or Safety EN54 Public Address system.

Bar-Restaurant Solution Aquatic Center Solution MALLS Solution Retirement home Solution

Schools Solution Church Solution Shop Solution Supermarket Solution

Sound system on IP magnetic induction loop Sound system meeting room conference system

PPMS/POMSE Solution IP Sound System Solution Magnetic Loop Solution Conference System Solution

In order to realize your own installation, do not hesitate to consult our own Commercial Design Office on contact@rondson.com.

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