Microphones and Conferences systems

Microphones and Conferences systems

rondson conference system

All types of microphones (call station microphone, gooseneck, counter intercom, dynamic or UHF wireless microphone) as well as conference systems with station and chair and delegate microphone desks. Plus all accessories and brackets necessary for optimal use of your public address system.

  • UHF Wireless Microphones

    rondson wireless microphone

    Rondson offers a wide range of professional wireless microphones for various applications such as sales presentations, animations, meetings and conferences.
    Reliable and resistant, our wireless microphones are designed to broadcast a quality sound that is perfectly intelligible to the audience. Our systems can be composed of hand microphones, bodypack microphones, conference microphones and multi-channel receiver boxes to be defined according to your use.

  • Wired microphones


    Rondson offers a wide range of wired microphones, call stations, hand-held microphones, counter intercoms, goosenecks, surface microphones...all of which can be adapted to the requirements of your installation, offering sound quality for recording, broadcasting, transmission and reproduction of sound.

  • Microphones accessories

    In order to complete our wide range of microphones, Rondson offers all the necessary accessories and supports for your sound system:
    Bases, mounting feet, bonettes, audio cable, adapters or all XLR, Speakon, RCA plugs.

  • Conferences systems

    Rondson offers various complete discussion solutions, wired or wireless, our conference systems are designed for professional use and adapt perfectly to your meeting rooms and administrations, city councils, press conferences...With a modern design, all our conference equipment (chairperson's microphone desk, delegate microphone desk, central unit...) ensures irreproachable sound quality to maintain speech intelligibility during group discussions

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