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RONDSON is the first brand developed by Mr. Segon in 1975 in order to offer a wide range of products in comfort sound systems.
Specialized in Public Address using the 100V line technology for public address, the brand offers amplifiers, preamplifiers, loudspeakers, microphones, conference systems...etc. based on its experience in selecting quality products.

Better the brand has strengthened its will to innovate and develop the sound system of tomorrow by focusing on certain areas such as Sound over IP, the Magnetic Induction Loop and especially the EN54 Security Sound System.

Our offer of oulic address system is intended for all public places receiving the public such as stores, shopping centers, schools, EHPAD ... (see our solutions of public address by public places).

Our design office accompanies you in your projects, from the study phase to the installation, we meet your needs together while providing you with all the technical elements of the project (DWG files, acoustic studies...etc).

100V amplifier

100 volt speakers

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