Preamplifiers, Matrixes, Mixing console

Preamplifiers, Matrixes, Mixing console

Preamplifiers, matrixes, mixers rondson

Our Preamplifiers, Digital Audio Matrix, Mixing console allow you to receive, control and redirect an audio signal to a main amplifier in order to broadcast the right sound through speakers. 

  • Preamplifiers

    The preamplifier can process certain audio sources such as a Tuner, MP3 CD, USB, SD, or Bluetooth... and redirect them to an amplifier in order to offer a musical broadcast, an advertisement or an audio message to a targeted audience.

    In most cases, this same preamp also provides volume control, bass and treble tone control, equalizers, etc.

  • Matrix preamplifiers

    The matrix preamplifier makes it possible to receive all audio sources (CD, USB, SD, Bluetooth...) and to be able to redirect them to several zones always with the aim of offering a sound diffusion or a call for example.

  • Analog and Digital matrix

    The Digital Audio Matrixes are designed to allow users to broadcast any audio signal to any output and to take remote control of it with the help of call stations or wall-mounted panels.

    These arrays are ideal for large-scale zoning installations, where it is necessary to broadcast sound effects, advertisements or voice messages simultaneously or individually in different zones.

    The installations can be shopping centres, aquatic complexes, hospitals for example.

  • Mixing consoles

    Mixing consoles are generally used to perform mixing, processing and routing of audio signals in a professional sound system. These consoles are equipped with several inputs and outputs as well as media players, USB, SD or bluetooth in order to broadcast any MP3, WMA, WAV audio files...

    All the buttons of parametrization, bass, treble, equalizer, echos....permettent to obtain an optimal quality of sound.

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