100 volts mixing amplifiers

100 volts mixing amplifiers

Find our complete range of preamplifiers, standard, matrix, multi-zone, with integrated media sources. These references also offer different power ratings to adapt to your 100 Volt in-line sound system.

  • Mixing amplifiers

    Rondson offers a wide range of mixing amplifiers with different powers, various functions that allow you to adapt to the specifics of your public address installation.

    These amplifiers are equipped with 100 Volt transformers but can also respond to low impedance on certain sound reinforcement projects.

  • Mixing amplifiers with audio sources

    Our 100 volt line mixing amplifiers with integrated audio sources offer the possibility of broadcasting a musical atmosphere over the entire speaker line from a Tuner, CD, USB or Bluetooth player.

  • Zoning mixer amplifiers with sources...

    Our multi-zone mixing amplifiers with integrated audio sources allow you to broadcast background music, sound advertising or a microphone call in different areas of a public place directly from the amplifier. This broadcasting is done from a CD player, Bluetooth, Tuner or USB integrated directly to the amplifier. 

  • Matrix amplifiers

    Rondson offers a wide range of matrix amplifiers, designed to broadcast several zones of a building with audio content adapted and managed according to the zones. Equipped with 100 volt transformers, these amplifiers allow Public Address sound reinforcement in establishments receiving the public.

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