In Public Address, the 100 volt line was designed with the aim of broadcasting sound over large areas, particularly in establishments open to the public, such as schools, shopping centers, nursing homes and sports complexes (see our public address solutions).

What changes compared to a Hi-Fi or low impedance installation:

Hi-Fi installations are usually used over short distances, using low impedance speakers (4 or 8 Ω) connected directly to the amplifier.

As soon as the distance between the amplifier and the loudspeakers is increased, the sound diffusion decreases considerably due to the voltage loss in the cables.

The 100V line technique used in Public Address makes it possible to overcome this type of phenomenon and thus preserve the same sound quality throughout the installation. 

How it works:

In a public address system, we use loudspeakers equipped with 100 volt audio transformers, one that increases the voltage at the output of an amplifier (also equipped with 100 volts) and another transformer that lowers the voltage in each loudspeaker.

This system allows to keep an identical sound quality on each loudspeaker of the installation, no matter the distance, so that any person in this space can hear correctly a background music, an audio commercial or a clearly audible call (evacuation...).

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