rondson comfort sound system

The Public Address sound system, also known as the 100 volt line, allows the diffusion of sound in a large public space using electroacoustic products.

Loudspeakers, amplifiers, preamplifiers, microphones, etc. The whole electroacoustic chain is represented in our 100V product line, all the necessary equipment for the different sound installations in public places.

It transmits background music, advertising or a microphone call in various public places such as shopping centres, supermarkets, restaurantsplaces of worship and many others. The public address system can be installed both indoors and outdoors depending on the specificities of the place to be equipped.

  • Speakers 100V

    rondson speakers

    Ceiling speakers, Compact, wall-mounted or amplified speakers, Spherical, suspended speakers, Acoustic columns, horn speakers, Accessories, Mounting brackets... Each of our loudspeakers are equipped with a 100 Volt audio transformer allowing you to realize an installation in Public Address for public receiving establishments.

  • Preamplifiers, Matrixes, Mixing console

    Preamplifiers, matrixes, mixers rondson

    Our Preamplifiers, Digital Audio Matrix, Mixing console allow you to receive, control and redirect an audio signal to a main amplifier in order to broadcast the right sound through speakers. 

  • 100 volts mixing amplifiers

    rondson amplifiers and preamplifiers

    Find our complete range of preamplifiers, standard, matrix, multi-zone, with integrated media sources. These references also offer different power ratings to adapt to your 100 Volt in-line sound system.

  • Digital amplifiers

    rondson power amplifiers

    Digital power Amplifiers amplify an audio signal to provide the necessary power (in watts) to operate a 100 volt in-line speaker line for a Public Address installation.

  • Multimedia Sources

    rondson modulation sources

    Our sources are multimedia players with integrated audio sources such as MP3 CD players, USB player, SD, Bluetooth module or Internet Radio.

    These boxes offer you the possibility to manage and control of a sound atmosphere broadcast in your public places.

  • IP network audio

    sound system IP rondson

    IP PA is a modern solution that allows audio transmission over the existing IP network of a location to multiple zones using this network as a matrix. This technology can be applied in public buildings such as shopping centres, airports, museums, hospitals, schools, etc. Remote access and control of the broadcast allow for rapid interaction in the desired area.

  • Microphones and Conferences systems

    rondson conference system

    All types of microphones (call station microphone, gooseneck, counter intercom, dynamic or UHF wireless microphone) as well as conference systems with station and chair and delegate microphone desks. Plus all accessories and brackets necessary for optimal use of your public address system.

  • Induction loop

    rondson magnetic loop

    magnetic induction loop is an assistive listening system for people with hearing loss. It allows the sound from our public address equipment to be transmitted clearly and audibly without being hindered by possible ambient noise.

    Our wide range of magnetic induction loop amplifiers can be adapted to suit the surface area of public places to be publicized from 1 m2 to 1000 m2 (e.g. counters, counters, ticket offices, administration rooms, places of worship).
    All our products comply with the NF EN 60118-4 standard.

  • Tour guide systems

    rondson tour system

    We provide guided tour systems allowing guides to offer clear and audible communication to their groups by overcoming distance and background noise problems when visiting museums, factories... even in the noisiest places.

    Each of our systems is equipped with a transmitter box (equipped with a necktie microphone, microphone) allowing the guide to give clear explanations and descriptions to his visitors (equipped with a receiver box with earphones, helmets) for all types of visits in companies, communities....

  • Portable sound systems and megaphone

    portable PA and megaphone

    Portable sound systems, megaphones and megaphones for multiple sound broadcasting uses such as commercial events, ceremonies, speeches, events ... adapted to address a large number of people.

  • Racks and accessories

    rondson racks and accessories

    Sound cabinets, racks, flight cases in 19" format, these can be delivered, assembled, wired and tested according to the planned installation, only the connection to the mains and the connection of the loudspeaker lines on site remain.

    In addition to the racks, we offer all the necessary accessories for assembly, i.e. shelves, drawers, safety panels, ventilated plates, all rackable.

    Various connection cables are available, XLR, Jack, mini jack, RCA in order to adapt to the equipment chosen to wire your sound rack.

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