Wall-mounted and amplified speakers

Wall-mounted and amplified speakers

We offer a wide range of 100V in-line loudspeakers (wall-mounted, compact, amplified with different powers) allowing you to realize the sound system of your establishment by taking into account the constraints of the installation.

These loudspeakers are generally used in establishments receiving the public such as restaurants, stores, boutiques, shopping malls, hospital.

  • Compact and wall-mounted speakers

    Our compact and wall-mounted speakers are all equipped with a 100 volt transformer in order to be able to carry out installations in Public Addresses such as: restaurants, shops, shopping malls, sports complexes, etc.

    These audio speakers with their discreet and elegant design fit perfectly in any public place while broadcasting a professional quality sound.

  • Compact active speakers

    Our amplified or active speakers are equipped with an amplification system directly integrated into the speaker. This facilitates the installation of the sound system by connecting an audio source directly to the speaker, most often by bluetooth, allowing you to send an MP3 file or a playlist directly via a smartphone. These speakers are generally also equipped with a USB or SD port offering several possibilities for playing audio files.

  • 100V power speakers and subwoofers

    Our power loudspeakers and line array systems offer long range diffusion in large spaces such as stadiums, gymnasiums or arenas that require a 100 volt line, and our subwoofers provide additional professional sound quality in certain performances.

  • Outdoor speakers

    Waterproof, tropicalised, weatherproof, all our outdoor audio speakers are designed to withstand various weather conditions, for use in humid environments or with strong temperature differences. Water parks, swimming pools, amusement parks, spas, are the public places that are usually equipped with our 100 volt outdoor speakers.

    In the form of a classic speaker, a garden bollard or a rock, each loudspeaker integrates perfectly and offers optimal sound quality.

  • Loudspeaker Accessories

    Mounting brackets, wall brackets, speakon plugs, loudspeaker cables, attenuators and transformers are all essential accessories to optimise and ensure the installation of your 100 volt in-line audio wall speakers.

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