Digital Message Reader Recorder and Programmer Module



Digital Player, Recorder and Programmer Module for PPMS or COVID-19 PA system

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The DMT-100-2 is ideal for emergency announcements, ring tones and automated voice announcements especially in schools but also in public buildings, department stores, shopping centres, restaurants.

This module can also be used to respond to specific requests such as PPMS* / PPI* / POI* / COVID-19

*PPMS (Plan Particulier de Mise en Sécurité) - PPI (Plan Particulier d'Intervention) - POI (Plan d'Organisation Interne)


Characteristics :

  • 128MB SRAM recording capacity
  • Bank of 6 messages (flexible memory)
  • Remote control from the RC 100 or RC 600 zone call station microphone
  • Digital message recording and broadcasting for announcements or evacuation
  • Repeat function (in loop), automatic broadcasting of evacuation announcements by remote control of the 6 pre-recorded messages 6
  • 32 KHz frequency sampling
  • The micro-SD card slot plays MP3, WAV, FLAC and OGG files. Externally produced audio files can therefore be played back from the micro-SD card or copied directly to the internal memory.


DMT-100-2 (code 01133)


MIC : -50 dBm/600 Ω asymétrique - LINE : -10 dBm/10 KΩ asymétrique

Remote control

Socket 10 contacts (M1 ~ M6, START/ STOP, REPEAT/STOP, BUSY)


-10 dBm asymmetrical

Headphone output

24 MW ≥ 64

Frequency Response

MIC : 300 Hz — 6 400 Hz (fs = 16 kHz) LINE : 100 Hz — 6 400 Hz (fs = 16 kHz)

Power supply

+15 V DC ~ +17 V DC

Power consumption

100 mA in operation 80 mA in stand-by

Memory size

Voice/each 128 kbite (23 sec) M1-M6/each 2176 kbite (360sec)

Saving messages

Maximum storage 60 days (16 Mbits) Maximum 30 days (32 Mbits)

Sampling frequency

32 000 Hz

Operating temperature

0 °C ~ 50 °C

Dimension (W x D x h)

194 x 215 x 40 mm


0,42 kg


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